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Aerospace Technology Comes to Golf with our T-REX Carbide Golf Club Faces

The USGA has ruled that

Our Patented T-REX Carbide Golf Club Faces

Conform to USGA Rules

They are Legal for Tournament Play!

Our T-REX Carbide Club Faces ...

* ... Help Reduce Fade & Hook When Driving

* ... Provide Improved Play Out of the Rough

* ... Provide Improved Wet Weather Play

* ... Give Better Overall Ball Control

* ... Are VERY Affordable!

* ... Can Be Applied to Your Existing Clubs

* ... Will NOT Change Swing Weight!


$19.95 per Club

$49.95 3-club Special

(Driver, Wedge, Iron or Putter)

Send Your Clubs To Us

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We Provide Very Fast Turnaround...

You Can Usually Pick Them Up

The Next Day!!!

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The Next Day!!!

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