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CNC Arc Welding

We Have Multi-Axis CNC Welding Capability Using M-PAW, GTAW, or GMAW Processes Available For You as a Job Shop

MicroWeld Engineering, Inc. was founded on the automated welding expertise of it's principle engineers. We are automation experts that understand that your end result is to make a profit. Automating a welding operation is done to either reduce costs or increase quality or both. Over the past twenty years, we have been involved with every aspect of automated arc welding including:

* welding schedule development
* welding process selection
* welding process development (we developed MicroMIG!)
* weld tooling
* hardware motion mechanics design, selection, and service
* control electronics design and service
* control software design, code generation, and implementation

We've "been there and done that" when it comes to automated arc welding. We have extensive expertise in:

* Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW),
* Micro-Plasma Arc Welding (M-PAW),
* Plasma Arc Welding (PAW), and
* Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
* ... as well as our own MicroMIG Arc Welding process.

We designed and built one of the first color graphic super easy-to-use CNC welding systems in the latter-mid 1980's. We designed it to use it ourselves so it had to be fast, accurate, and very flexible. While we did write some specialized software applications, our CNC welding job shop was built on our very flexible yet simple universal programming graphics. We began life as a company with the idea that CNC welding should be available and affordable for everyone. We still live by that idea. Yes, we are welding engineering consultants at times, and yes, we have built some specialized equipment for some of our customers. However, first and foremost, we are an arc welding job shop with CNC 5-axis Automated Arc Welding capability.

We have welded components from the very small on up using our automated welding GTAW, M-PAW, PAW, and GMAW capabilities. We have welded one-of-a-kind assemblies that were not replaceable. We have also welded routine simple components sometimes, by the thousands. With our in-house engineering staff, our AutoCAD design expertise, and our own machine shop, we can design and build any required weld tooling quickly and accurately. We know what it means to meet commitment promises, dates, and costs.

Let us help you automate your application whether a one time production run or an ongoing production need. We know what it means to improve a bottom line!