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Home of MicroMIG Welding Technology

As our customers are primarily, aerospace manufacturers, we have the opportunity to meet the needs of this exciting jet engine world.

One of the needs we saw was for another welding process. A welding process that would be very unconventional as it had to weld on materials that were considered to be "unweldable". These alloys, used in the hottest sections of today's jet engines, would crack after welding them with conventional welding processes including high tech LASER or Electron Beam welders. Called grain boundary liquation micro-cracking in the heat affected zones, these cracks are very small. However, they will grow to bigger cracks when the engines are put into service. This is unacceptable. Ergo, this family of jet engine superalloys was considered to be unweldable...

MicroWeld Engineering, Inc., home of MicroMIG welding technology, has been serving the aerospace industry since 1988.

We have extensive experience in aerospace and other unique applications. In the late 1980's, we developed a process that welds "unweldable" jet engine superalloys. We call this process MicroMIG. It has been flying in both military and commercial applications since the early 1990's.

Our customers range from aerospace suppliers and jet engine manufacturers to local customers specializing in unique markets.

We have a full aerospace certified quality assurance program that includes all necessary quality documentation, travelers, shop routers, NIST tracability, inspections, and welder certs to meet any tough standards you demand.

The impeccable quality we hold ourselves to is the life blood of our company.

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